Balancing the Challenges of Age

Concerns and Contentment Create a Balance. Aging brings with it a unique set of challenges and concerns that can weigh heavily on seniors’ minds. Yes, this can even include considering when it might be time to move to a senior retirement home! But it is also a time of great blessings and gratefulness. These worries… Continue reading Balancing the Challenges of Age

The Twin Dangers That Face Seniors

Boredom and Loneliness As we journey through life, the need for companionship and engagement remains a fundamental aspect of our well-being. However, loneliness and boredom can become persistent challenges for many older individuals, especially those living alone at home without the ability to drive.  Although the desire to age in place may be strong, and… Continue reading The Twin Dangers That Face Seniors

Embrace the Change 

Why Spring is Ideal for Transitioning to Retirement Living Communities When considering the optimal time for seniors to transition into retirement living communities, the spring season emerges as a clear frontrunner. When you live in the Midwest, you certainly experience four glorious seasons. Coming out of winter is the reason enough to celebrate spring. But… Continue reading Embrace the Change 

Right Place, Right Time

What does it mean to age in place? The concept of Aging in Place is constantly in today’s media. Rarely do we think about what that really means. The first and obvious question is, “Age in what place?” the space one lives in may or may not be suitable for the long term. Do you… Continue reading Right Place, Right Time

Where Do I Start Looking For Retirement Living For My Mom?

(This article is written with a simple question about looking for your mom, but it can be used for information concerning any family member or friend who needs assistance with research for retirement living.)  The most crucial step is to involve your mother in the decision-making process. Open and candid conversations are so meaningful to… Continue reading Where Do I Start Looking For Retirement Living For My Mom?

What is Assisted Living Plus?

Traditionally, CCRC (full continuum of care) retirement communities consist of four basic levels of care:  Independent Living  Assisted Living (Included in the area of Assisted Living, special Memory Care provisions are available.) Rehabilitation for short-term recovery after illness or injury.  Long-term care or Nursing Home care But as in all things in life, we don’t… Continue reading What is Assisted Living Plus?