Rehabilitation at McCrite Plaza

Rehabilitation Services

Healing to go home.

When you are in the hospital following an illness, operation, or injury, we understand the desire to get back home as soon as possible. Sometimes, however, you may still need additional rest, recuperation and care.

Our goal at McCrite Plaza is to provide superior clinical healthcare in order for our guests to gain the maximum benefit from their rehabilitation services. We take a holistic approach to healing by emphasizing physical, mental, and emotional health. This methodology has proven to better prepare our residents for a safe and smooth transition home. Additionally, careful and personalized discharge planning is of the utmost importance to prevent rehospitalization.

Following a hospital-stay, the rehabilitation services offered at McCrite Plaza can help our guests regain their strength, mobility, and health, which ensures a safe return home. During your rehabilitation period, the rooms include an HD television with cable, telephone, restaurant-style dining, and a nutrition/beverage bar available 24/7.

Guest Services

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