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Why Spring is Ideal for Transitioning to Retirement Living Communities

When considering the optimal time for seniors to transition into retirement living communities, the spring season emerges as a clear frontrunner. When you live in the Midwest, you certainly experience four glorious seasons. Coming out of winter is the reason enough to celebrate spring. But the weather and sense of renewal create fresh energy to start projects or finish those that are started. 

Weather Optimization for Smooth Transition:


Spring presents moderate temperatures and extended daylight hours, facilitating a seamless transition process. Unlike the climatic extremities of summer or winter, spring ensures a comfortable relocation experience for seniors, minimizing potential discomfort and logistical challenges.

Moderate temperatures make it much easier to work inside and outside your home in preparation for moving. Garage sales and time to prepare a home for sale are all important things to plan in advance of moves. Dead of winter conditions are almost impossible, as are hot, steamy summer days.

As Jane Ann planned her move to retirement living, she always knew it would be in the spring. She spent the fall and winter months planning and researching in order to be ready for a May move. She comfortably packed up her favorite things to bring with her. Her children helped with the distribution of family treasure, and Christmas took on a whole new meaning. She was so grateful for those memories.  She decided she wanted to plant her spring flowers on her new patio at McCrite Plaza. She made her move and was immediately surrounded by new neighbors who were there to welcome her. The morning sunshine flowed in her east window and lit up her entire apartment. All of her plans came to fruition.”

Symbolism of Renewal and Fresh Beginnings:


Leveraging the symbolic connotations of new birth inherent to spring, seniors can embrace this season as an opportune moment to initiate their journey into retirement living communities. This symbolic resonance not only fosters a positive mindset but also reinforces the narrative of progression and renewal within our communities. Spring is always a time for something new. 

Everything seems brighter and happier in the spring, so taking advantage of the mood can be helpful in making major transitions. Springtime captures the positivity of the season. 

Likewise, other new residents may be moving at the same time. It is especially nice to have new friends in the very situation you are experiencing. Making new friends and new socialization opportunities are an essential part of moving to a retirement community.  

Strategic Timing for Social Integration:


Spring fosters an environment conducive to social engagement and community integration. By aligning relocation with this season, seniors can capitalize on heightened communal spirits and engagement levels. This can help speed the assimilation process by fostering a sense of belonging within our retirement living communities. 

McCrite Plaza always has new outdoor activities in the spring months. This gives new residents a chance to get involved right away. McCrite Plaza communities offer dozens of seasonal amenities and services tailored to spring. By relocating during this period, seniors gain immediate access to outdoor recreational activities, gardening initiatives, and other seasonal programs, maximizing their experiential value from day one.

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