What is Assisted Living Plus?

Traditionally, CCRC (full continuum of care) retirement communities consist of four basic levels of care:  Independent Living  Assisted Living (Included in the area of Assisted Living, special Memory Care provisions are available.) Rehabilitation for short-term recovery after illness or injury.  Long-term care or Nursing Home care But as in all things in life, we don’t… Continue reading What is Assisted Living Plus?

Comparing Profit vs Not-for-Profit Retirement Communities.

If a person Googles the question, “What is the difference between a Profit and a Not-for-Profit Retirement Community?” the answer is way oversimplified and can be very misleading. Typically, a standard answer implies that not-for-profit is a superior model because it is mission-driven rather than profit-driven. This is simply not true. Private companies can be… Continue reading Comparing Profit vs Not-for-Profit Retirement Communities.

Killing the Stigma

Where and how did the Nursing Home stigma begin? The definition of stigma is “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” For many years, that would describe the general public opinion of nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities as they are now often called. Over the decades of transformation of… Continue reading Killing the Stigma