What is Assisted Living Plus?

Traditionally, CCRC (full continuum of care) retirement communities consist of four basic levels of care: 

But as in all things in life, we don’t all fit into neat and tidy levels. Each person is unique in their requirements, although there are many similarities in care. Careful assessment is the best way to fill those special needs.

McCrite Plaza has developed a fifth and much-needed level called Assisted Living Plus. 


The McCrites coined the term “Bridging The Gap.”

The gap between Assisted Living and Long-Term Care is quite expansive. There are cases where an individual has extensive care needs but is very active and social. They may be more appropriate for the environment of Assisted Living than the Nursing Home setting. 

The McCrite staff said, “When it comes to getting your loved one in the right level of care, the learning curve can be steep. Often, a person may need more physical help than what traditional assisted living can provide but may not yet be ready for skilled nursing care.” 

What if there was something in between? Well, now there is. 

Assisted Living Plus came into reality.


McCrite Plaza, with over 50 years of experience in the senior living industry, has developed a new care model called Assisted Living Plus

McCrite’s Assisted Living Plus was created to meet the needs of those requiring care several times throughout the day and night. This often includes transfer assistance, escorts to meals and activities, toileting, and incontinence care.

One of the primary benefits of Assisted Living Plus in our Topeka location is that it allows a resident to stay in their apartment where they are familiar with staff, residents, and their own space. In many cases, the only change is the number of times the resident has caregivers in attendance and the complexity of their care. But otherwise, everything remains the same. 

The Briarcliff-Kansas City location offers a different model of Assisted Living Plus, providing that level of care in an intentionally designed space in our newest building. Private units with centrally located, shared living, dining, and activity spaces intrinsically make Briarcliff’s Assisted Living Plus a home.

How is Assisted Living Plus priced?


The pricing structure for Assisted Living Plus at McCrite Plaza is advantageous for those facing the financial challenges associated with aging. Similarly to our existing Assisted Living and Memory Care, Assisted Living Plus has tiered levels of care and pricing determined by a nurse assessment. 

Care that would typically only be available in a Nursing Home setting can be accessed in a resident apartment. 

Skilled nursing services that residents may need can be met by utilizing our third-party partnerships. These may include wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and IV therapy. Hospice and Palliative care can also be provided in Assisted Living Plus, allowing those with advanced, life-limiting illnesses to age in place. 

Curious about which McCrite lifestyle would best suit your needs or those of your loved one? Give us a call and schedule a tour! We’d be happy to show you our Assisted living options in person.

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