McCrite Plaza Retirement Living: A Haven of Comfort, Care, and Community in Topeka, KS

Located in the heart of Topeka, Kansas, McCrite Plaza Retirement Living is a testament to warmth, community, and family values. Owned and operated by the McCrite family – Pat and Judy McCrite and their children – this retirement haven provides seniors with a unique blend of luxurious amenities, compassionate care, and a true sense of community.

Aging in the right place is essential.


One of the highlights of McCrite Plaza is its dedication to providing residents with not just a place to live but a home where they can thrive in this chapter of their lives. The community’s private apartments are designed with comfort and independence in mind. Spacious and thoughtfully laid out, these living spaces become a canvas for residents to paint their unique stories. Downsizing from a large home allows residents to bring their favorite items to their new household. Being surrounded by the best memories makes this new adventure an easier transition. From cozy one-bedroom apartments to expansive two-bedroom penthouses, McCrite Plaza offers a range of options to suit individual preferences.

Good food is always at the top of the list.


At the heart of McCrite Plaza is a commitment to nourishing both body and soul. The culinary experience here is nothing short of exceptional, with a team of talented chefs crafting a menu that caters to diverse tastes and dietary needs. There is always a mixture of home-cooking choices and new things to try. Residents can savor a variety of delicious, chef-prepared meals in the elegant dining room, fostering a sense of community and shared joy around every table. Residents always have the option of cooking in their apartments or joining in the communal dining experience. 

Physical activity is the best way to enjoy older age.


For those who value an active lifestyle, McCrite Plaza’s exercise facilities provide the perfect space to maintain health and well-being. From fitness classes tailored to different abilities to a diversity of gym equipment, residents can engage in a variety of activities that suit their preferences and abilities. The campus provides a beautiful place to walk and get some fresh air. There is a lovely pond with fish to catch and release and ducks to watch. Regular physical activity promotes physical health and contributes to a vibrant and engaged community atmosphere.

Fun activities and movies keep residents busy!


Movie times at McCrite Plaza are not your typical cinema experience; they are a social event that brings residents together for a shared love of film. The community’s movie theater is equipped with an extra big-screen TV and comfortable seating, creating a fun cinematic experience for all. There’s always popcorn and beverages to enjoy. Whether a classic film or a new release, movie time at McCrite Plaza is a cherished tradition that adds an extra layer of entertainment to residents’ lives.

McCrite Plaza is family-owned and operated at a time when most communities are corporately owned and operated from across the country.


As a family-owned and operated community, McCrite Plaza Senior Living embodies the values of compassion, dedication, and a genuine sense of belonging. Pat and Judy McCrite, along with their children, actively participate in the community’s daily life, fostering a familial atmosphere that extends to every resident. This hands-on approach ensures that the needs and desires of the residents are at the forefront of every decision made. If residents and families have questions or concerns, the decision-makers are on site – no need to wait for headquarters in some faraway city to respond. 


The newly established Memory Care Unit is a notable addition to McCrite Plaza’s continuum of care. Designed to provide specialized care for residents facing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, this unit is a testament to the community’s commitment to holistic care. The staff, trained in dementia care, creates a supportive environment that promotes dignity and quality of life for residents facing memory-related challenges.

Additionally, McCrite Plaza offers rehabilitation facilities to residents who may need short-term care and support after surgery or illness. These facilities are staffed by skilled professionals who work collaboratively to help residents regain their independence and strength. These services are available to McCrite residents and the public in general.

You should come and see for yourself – seeing is believing!

McCrite Plaza Retirement Living in Topeka, KS, stands as a shining example of a community where seniors can genuinely enjoy their retirement years. From the delectable dining options and private apartments to the family-owned culture and extensive care services, McCrite Plaza is more than a residence—it’s a home where residents are embraced by a supportive and caring community. With a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for seniors, McCrite Plaza continues to set the standard for retirement living in Topeka and beyond.

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