McCrite Plaza Retirement Community at Briarcliff: Five-Star Senior Living In Kansas City

Nestled in the heart of Briarcliff, the McCrite Plaza Retirement Community stands as a testament to luxurious and fulfilling retirement living. With a commitment to providing unparalleled amenities and services, McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff has become synonymous with upscale retirement living, offering residents a haven to enjoy their golden years in comfort and style.


Whether you are looking for Independent or Assisted Living, the McCrite family has created a beautiful space for this chapter of your life. If the needs are greater and require Memory Care or Skilled Nursing, the same attention to detail has been given. 

Five-star dining is a priority.


One of the highlights of McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff is its exquisite dining experience. The community takes pride in offering residents a diverse and delectable menu prepared by skilled chefs, prioritizing nutrition, flavor, and presentation. Residents can savor gourmet meals in an elegant dining setting, fostering a sense of community and celebration around the table. Whether residents are looking for a quick box lunch to take outside on a beautiful day or dining in the sunny dining room with friends, the choice is theirs. The culinary delights cater to various dietary preferences, ensuring every resident enjoys a personalized dining experience.

Concierge Services are available to take the worry out of living.

At McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff, residents are treated to the epitome of convenience through dedicated concierge services. The attentive and professional staff is on hand to assist with various tasks, from scheduling appointments to arranging transportation and handling multiple administrative needs. This personalized service allows residents to focus on enjoying their retirement while the community takes care of the details, creating a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle.

Outings and social events occur every day.


Recognizing the importance of social connections and a vibrant lifestyle, McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff organizes numerous outings and social events. Whether it’s a scenic nature walk, a cultural excursion, or a lively community event, residents have the opportunity to engage with one another and the surrounding community. These outings not only provide entertainment but also contribute to the overall well-being of residents, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


For residents with favorite activities or looking for new experiences, McCrite Plaza has a wide range of activities for various interests. Residents can indulge in their favorite hobbies, participate in crafting sessions, engage in friendly card games, gather around the pool table for a round of billiards, or immerse themselves in the joy of music. The community understands the importance of staying active and intellectually stimulated, offering a variety of options for residents to explore and enjoy, and promoting a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle.

Beautiful Apartments with views and balconies are available to everyone.


⬆️Use Your Mouse or Finger To Take A Look Around Inside One Of Our Apartments!⬆️

The living spaces at McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff are designed to exceed expectations. The community boasts beautiful apartments that offer not only comfort and functionality but also breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Most residents can look north to the Briarcliff community or south to view the downtown Kansas City skyline. Residents can relish the beauty of nature from their own balconies, creating a serene and tranquil environment within the privacy of their homes. The thoughtfully designed living spaces emphasize aesthetics and functionality, ensuring residents feel a profound sense of home.

⬆️Use Your Mouse or Finger To Take A Look Around The City Lights Club Lounge!⬆️

All residents can access the beautiful City Lights Club lounge on the top floor, which has stunning views of the Kansas City night lights. And for those who love happy hour, there is a beautiful bar where you can grab an adult beverage!

Upscale Senior Living is not only exciting but comfortable and engaging. 


The commitment to upscale living is evident in every aspect of McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff. The community sets a standard of excellence, from the well-appointed common areas to the luxurious amenities. Residents can relax in elegant lounges, take advantage of fitness facilities, and enjoy the convenience of on-site services that enhance their overall quality of life. The upscale living experience at McCrite Plaza Briarcliff is designed to exceed expectations, providing retirees with the comfort and luxury they deserve.

McCrite Plaza Retirement Community at Briarcliff stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of senior living. With its five-star dining, concierge services, diverse activities, and beautiful living spaces, the community creates an environment where residents can truly embrace and enjoy their retirement years. McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff is more than a place to reside; it is a lifestyle that celebrates the essence of upscale living, ensuring that retirees experience a fulfilling and enriching chapter in their lives.


We invite you to come for a visit to see for yourself. McCrite Plaza is an eye-opening experience when it comes to retirement living. Seeing is believing! 

Call us in Briarcliff-Kansas City at (816) 888-7930 or complete the contact form below to schedule a tour and see everything McCrite Plaza Senior Living has available for you!

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