Commitment to Couples in Senior Living Communities

When Pat and Judy opened their first retirement community almost 50 years ago, they knew that they would make a commitment to couples a primary mission. The McCrite family exemplifies the values of family and faith, and they planned to make it possible for couples to live together in their older ages. From the blueprints for spacious apartments to the implementation of multiple couples’ activities and events, it was designed to be couples-friendly. 

Not all Senior Communities are physically designed to support this commitment.

One of the fundamental aspects of a commitment to couples in a retirement community is the provision of shared living spaces. This may include apartments designed to accommodate couples comfortably. McCrite Plaza has apartments with one or two bedrooms and/or dens. The intention is to allow partners to continue sharing their lives in a familiar and private setting while receiving the necessary support from the community. Shared living spaces contribute to the emotional well-being of residents by maintaining a sense of companionship and shared history, which can be particularly crucial in the later stages of life.

Social activities that serve individuals and couples are important.


While some communities provide activities for men and women separately, it’s essential to offer activities that couples enjoy together. Whether it’s a Valentine’s dinner, couples bridge, or anniversary parties, it is important to continue to celebrate marriages. 

Social interactions are essential for mental and emotional health, and by providing opportunities for couples to socialize, retirement communities contribute to their residents’ overall happiness and fulfillment.

McCrite Plaza has had the pleasure of celebrating multiple 70-year wedding anniversaries! These parties become great opportunities for family and friends to gather in recognition of such a remarkable relationship. 

What happens when couples require different healthcare accommodations?


The critical issue is that every couple’s situation is unique, so the community needs to be prepared to evaluate and make decisions based on each distinctive set of needs. A blanket policy does not lend itself to the best answers. Each case can be analyzed with a team approach of medical staff, social workers, and management.

When the Henrys moved to McCrite Plaza, they were both independent and active, but a year later, Mr. Henry’s health declined dramatically. He needed more care than his wife could provide. After much consideration, it was determined that the situation would be improved for both of them if they moved to Assisted Living, which would provide extra nursing care for him and allow her to continue to engage in her favorite independent activities. Each of them had the support of the staff to live comfortably together while allowing Mrs. Henry the freedom she needed to be socially engaged. 

McCrite Plaza management recognizes the importance of addressing each individual’s unique healthcare needs while acknowledging the interconnectedness of couples’ well-being. As residents age, they may require different levels of care, and a commitment to couples involves ensuring that healthcare services are adaptable to changing needs. 

The Full Continuum of Care At McCrite Plaza allows for needed flexibility. 


Furthermore, a commitment to couples involves a proactive approach to end-of-life care planning. McCrite Plaza provides resources and assistance to help couples navigate decisions related to advanced care directives, hospice care, and other aspects of end-of-life planning. This compassionate approach acknowledges the importance of supporting couples through all stages of their journey, including the difficult but inevitable considerations associated with aging.

Bill and Elizabeth Carson’s family helped them move to McCrite Plaza while still independent. Both of the children lived on the West Coast. Of course, the kids were excited to see their parents in a vibrant, energetic community while they could enjoy it together, but they were also thinking of the future when either of them would end up widowed. This kind of planning is so helpful for couples, especially those married for 50-plus years. Several years later, when Mr. Carson passed away, Elizabeth had the support of the staff and her friends to help her through her grief. The kids were so relieved that she had people around her every day who could bring joy to her life. It was so wise to move out of the family home long before either of them would be alone.  

McCrite’s Commitment to Couples is a result of the personal philosophy of the McCrite family.


A retirement community’s policy for commitment to couples goes beyond mere accommodation arrangements; it embodies a holistic approach to aging that prioritizes companionship, social connection, and tailored healthcare services. By fostering an environment where couples can age together with dignity and support, McCrite Plaza aims to enhance the overall well-being and happiness of its residents. The commitment to couples is a testament to Pat and Judy McCrite’s dedication to creating a nurturing and compassionate space for individuals to thrive in their later years.


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