Senior Living Is The Place To Stay Active When The Rest Of The World Is Shut-In!

The weather in Kansas and Missouri is keeping Seniors inside and inactive! One of the most critical aspects of healthy aging is staying active, engaged, and interacting with others. Being shut in at home because it is cold and icy outside is a real health challenge. Weather can dictate our ability to make choices about staying active. 

Senior Living has the solution to bad weather!


Inactivity doesn’t take long to affect physical and mental health. Wintertime can significantly impact daily life. Living in a retirement community, like McCrite Plaza in Kansas City and Topeka, can solve those issues by providing daily opportunities for social engagement and physical activity. Our monthly calendar reveals a spectacular lineup of things to do. Whether it is morning meditation, an educational opportunity, stretching class, or arts and crafts, et al., the choice is yours. 


If you are the quiet type, you can leave the confines of your apartment and head down to the library to read the local newspaper or your favorite book. But if you’re looking for more action, there are plenty of activities to choose from.

Here is a brief look at a typical schedule At McCrite Plaza:

  • 9:00 Grocery Shopping at Hy-Vee. 
  • 9:00 Morning Meditation
  • 9-1:00 Podiatrist Visits Sign up at Concierge for an appointment time
  • 9:30 Standing and/or Seated Exercise Video Class
  • 10:30 Cardio Drumming 
  • 11:00 Shuttle Service to Dillard’s. Sign up at Concierge.
  • 2:00 This Week in History: Learn about the events that have left their mark in history. 
  • 3:00 Afternoon Billiard Players
  • 3:00 Great Artists Showtime, “MGM: The Lion’s Roar-Part 3
  • 3:30 Monthly Birthday Party and Sing-Along
  • 6:00 Musical Monday Night, “Hello, Frisco, Hello
  • 6:00 Bible Study–Join us as we start the study of Proverbs. 
  • On SUNDAY, 9:45 North Cross United Methodist Church Services or 11:00 Catholic Mass 

All of the activities are designed to support a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. There is simply something for everyone. While it is snowing and blowing outside, the beautiful interior is warm and cozy and filled with good energy and happy residents. The only hard part is choosing what you want to do. 


Whether you are living in Independent Apartments, Assisted Living, or Skilled Care, there will be appropriate activities for everyone. Our Memory Care residents have an array of games and exercise opportunities to enjoy. 

Mealtimes are always excellent social gatherings. Having the choice to eat in the dining room and watch the snow fall outside is a great way to enjoy the weather. 

The balance of your private apartment and the spacious community areas to choose from is perfect. 


There is no reason for boredom or loneliness to be an issue. Having coffee with a neighbor on a blustery day is a way to stay engaged with others. When spring finally arrives, the activities just change from indoors to more outings, picnics, and walks around the campus. But of course, when you live in the Midwest, sooner or later, the weather gets too hot or stormy to enjoy being outdoors. So, the advantage of community living becomes important again.

Accessibility is a crucial factor that makes Senior Communities preferable during bad weather


Senior Communities are equipped with features that make mobility more accessible for seniors, such as ramps, handrails, and elevators. In the event of heavy snowfall, storms, or flooding, these accessibility features become invaluable, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries that may arise from navigating challenging weather conditions.

McCrite Plaza is designed to give residents the best opportunity for a fulfilling life, which includes physical activities, mental stimulation, and social interactions. All of these opportunities are a part of their everyday life. Boredom and isolation are detrimental to good health, so staff will help guide residents toward good choices and ensure they are aware of the location and times to participate.  


When Dean Martin sang, “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go, let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” he didn’t know about McCrite Plaza in Kansas City and Topeka, because there is always somewhere to go!

Call McCrite Plaza Senior Living in Briarcliff-Kansas City at (816) 888-7930 or (785) 267-2960 in Topeka, or complete the contact form below to schedule a tour and see all that we have to offer!

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