Wintertime Brings Fall Dangers. How Can Seniors Prepare?

January and February in the Midwest are months with high fall rates. The cold and icy conditions create a threat for everyone but especially the Senior population. At McCrite Plaza Senior Living in Topeka and Kansas City, we focus on fall prevention with the help of our expert physical and occupational therapy teams.

Assisted and Independent Senior Living Communities in Kansas City and Topeka

Jodi E. Foster, PT and VP of Operations for Key Rehab, McCrite’s in-house therapy provider, says, I know when the winter months begin, we all become aware of falls outside. But this is also a good time to be focused on fall prevention inside! It’s a great time to look at how we can make our home safe and the homes of our loved ones safe.” 

It makes no difference where you reside; there are many ways to prevent falls in your home. There are both environmental changes and physical changes that need to be addressed. Taking a good inspection of the living space is key. There may be tripping objects like throw rugs, small décor items on the floor, electrical cords that are in traffic areas, uneven surfaces, and steps. Having someone identify those dangers can be a big help.  

Foster also educates residents about physical changes, “We witness the decrease of balance, as well as the decrease of proprioception. Proprioception is just a fancy word for knowing where your body is in space. If you also have a decline in any of your basic senses, which is common as we age, that becomes an added obstacle. If vision or hearing is impaired, plus balance has declined – there is a new fall risk in place.

At McCrite Plaza, we can address physical changes as well as environmental changes in someone’s living space. One of the major benefits of living in an Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Skilled Care community is the availability of onsite therapists to assist with the prevention and recovery from a fall. At every level of care, there is a collaboration of physical, occupational, or speech therapists to evaluate each resident and their living space. 

Jodi concludes, “Our long-standing partnership with McCrite gives us the opportunity to make sure that all the residents age in place. Aging in place simply means that we can provide the care our residents need in the environment they are already in. We are here every day to evaluate and identify what the best plan of care will be for that individual to make them stronger, more functional, happier, and, of course, at less risk for a fall. These services are for all residents living on campus, as well as community members who want to be seen as out-patients.”

If you are curious about these additional benefits of living in a Senior Retirement Community, give us a call to learn more. 

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