What Happens If You End Up In The Hospital After A Fall?

No one likes to think about it, but wintertime is filled with a higher number of falls. Some of those falls can result in a hospital stay for broken bones or a concussion. So, having a plan for rehabilitation is essential. 

This is especially true if you live alone and have no caregivers to help you. Medicare does provide for rehabilitation on many of these occasions. If you have a three-day stay in the hospital, Medicare will pay for a set number of days to continue to receive rehabilitation after discharge. There is no doubt that continued healing and exercise lead to better outcomes. Depending on the situation, Medicare may cover services such as skilled nursing facility care, home health care, and/or physical therapy.

Rehabilitation Facilities For Seniors in Kansas City and Topeka


Seniors have a choice to be admitted to a facility that not only offers therapies but provides nursing care for all other needs. That includes a private room, meals, and other medical and personal services needed. If you are alone, this may be the best option. And even if you have a loved one at home, it may be easier to be cared for by professionals. 

McCrite Plaza in both Topeka and Kansas City have beautiful rehabilitation facilities to provide this type of care. The rehab centers are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment used for recuperation from injuries. This is not only true for falls but for any other health issue that creates a need for restoration of strength and movement. Both communities have received accolades from their communities for their outstanding services. 

Residents at McCrite Plaza Have These Services Built Into Their Living Accommodations.

If you are a member of the McCrite community and there is any kind of injury from a fall, the staff are there to provide all the necessary care. The therapy team is made up of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists who are in-house daily to assess and treat each individual case. 

If there is a hospital stay, then the discharge would be directly to the rehab center at McCrite Plaza. When full recovery is achieved, the resident then simply moves back into their apartment. It’s like having a built-in therapy department in your own home. There is a tremendous amount of safety and security for residents. 


McCrite Plaza provides these services for nonresidents as well as residents. It is wise to have a plan for any eventuality. Falls never happen at a convenient time, so whether it is winter or summer, it is wise to have a plan in mind. Coming for a tour long before any emergency arises gives you the chance to see not only the living accommodations but also the rehabilitation facilities. 

Taking time to heal is in your best interest, and you want that environment to be a place that is not only beautiful and feels good but gives you the confidence and support to make your best recovery! 

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