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Active Adult Vs. Independent Living Communities

Choosing the Senior Living Situation That’s Best for You

Considering a move to a senior living community is a huge decision for most people. The majority of the time, it means both a change in scenery and a change in neighbors. Retirement communities are a chance to start off fresh somewhere else, so it’s important that you have an idea of what you want so you can get the most out of relocating. Here at McCrite Plaza, one of the questions that we get the most is “What kind of community are you?

After all, a senior living community develops a personality based on its residents and its staff. It also has a lot to do with the amenities, activities, type of healthcare that’s offered on-site, and the retirement homes themselves. All of these variables factor into the overall feel of a community. However, a lot of this can be boiled down by one simple question: is it independent living or an active adult community? Let’s break these down one-by-one, starting with independent living.

Independent Living

A retirement community that offers independent living is going to cater their services and amenities towards older adults who want to have as little responsibility as possible while remaining engaged in daily activities. The majority of daily housekeeping and maintenance tasks are performed by the staff, which frees up time for residents who just want to kick back and enjoy their retirement. Some of the most common things the staff of an independent living community will handle include landscaping, housekeeping, maintenance, meal preparation, transportation, security, and providing entertainment options.

Another big benefit of independent living is that access to healthcare is located right on-site just in case a resident requires medical attention. Residents find this highly convenient because it drastically cuts down on response time. A medical professional can arrive in mere moments. They can also do scheduled visits as well for going over new medications or simply to check in and see how you’re doing.

McCrite also has a philosophy that is unique to most communities. They work with couples so they can stay together in the same living environment. When one of the spouses is in need of care and the other is very independent, arrangements are made so that they can live together while receiving different levels of support. The McCrite team calls it Commitment to Couples.

Housing in independent living communities will vary, ranging from large cottages to studio apartments. Most facilities try to be accommodating for all living situations, so it’s usually not difficult to find one that fits the bill for your needs. Searching “independent living near me” will bring back all the independent living communities in your direct vicinity. McCrite Plaza has two campuses located in Topeka and Kansas City just north of the river.

Active Adult Living Communities

As the name implies, active adult communities are intended for those that are in their mid-fifties or later and need little to no assistance in their daily lives. In fact, active adults generally like getting out and enjoying the outdoors. That could be biking on the local trails or playing a competitive game of doubles tennis. Being in an active adult community means that you’re going to be surrounded by people that have a zest for life and are trying to make the most out of every day. Many of the amenities and community features will be geared towards those that enjoy activities such as golf, swimming, fitness, and hiking.

The big differentiator between active adult communities and independent living communities is the availability of on-site healthcare. Active adult communities don’t provide healthcare support systems. If a person is needing at-home healthcare services, they’ll have to personally arrange for those services. Residents of active adult communities will also be responsible for things like their own housekeeping, cooking, and laundry services.

As far as age is concerned, active adult communities fall into one of two categories: age-restricted and age-targeted. Age-restricted is dictated by the Fair Housing Act, which specifies that at least 80% of the residences in the community have a person that is 55 years of age or older. The other category is age-targeted, which means it’s going to be marketed to adults that are 55 years of age or older, however, there’s no hard and fast age restriction.

Generally, active adult communities feature studio living spaces all the way up to single-family homes for those desiring additional space. Searching “senior living community near me” or “active adult communities” is a good place to start to find something in your local area.

Take a Tour of McCrite Plaza

When it comes to selecting a senior independent living community in Topeka or Kansas City, McCrite Plaza provides more amenities and healthcare options than any other retirement community in the area. Since 1975, the McCrite family has strived to create an active and friendly community for those that want to get the most out of their retirement. Our one and two-bedroom apartment homes are spacious, luxurious, and centrally located to all the amenities offered exclusively to McCrite residents. We also offer a full continuum of on-site medical care and assisted living for those that need it. When you move to McCrite Plaza, you’ll never have any need to move anywhere else ever again.

The best way to see the McCrite community in-person is by taking a personal guided tour. You can contact McCrite Plaza Topeka or McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff using the contact form. Feel free to schedule a tour with either of those locations so we can show you how great life at McCrite truly is.