What to Expect When Moving to McCrite Plaza

Simplifying Your Move Into Five Easy Steps

Deciding to move is a huge decision on many levels. It means embarking upon a new chapter in your life, and with that comes change.

Moving can seem overwhelming, but here at McCrite Plaza we aim to make the transition easy and exciting for our residents. After all, you’re about to move into the very best luxury senior living establishment in the Kansas City and Topeka areas. Retirement is officially about to begin! All you need to focus on is relaxing and enjoying yourself.

At McCrite Plaza, your team starts here. Changing residences can be a hassle, but not when you have a group of dedicated individuals helping you coordinate every single step of the process. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when moving to McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff or Topeka.

Step #1 – Meet Your McCrite Team

When you decide to move to McCrite Plaza, there are many steps involved in getting you from your current home to your new home here at McCrite. Not to worry though…we have a full team of professionals to help with the transition. Beginning with the marketing team and resident coordinator, we will answer all of your questions, help schedule the move and lease signing and get you settled into your new place. Your team has years of experience working with the McCrite family and our residents. They will be your go-to resource that you can feel free to call upon with any question you might have.

Step #2 – Coordinating the Move

Your McCrite team will take on all the duties of making sure that you get moved into McCrite Plaza. That means coordinating your schedule and figuring out your official move-in date. Additionally, your resident coordinator will also work with the moving company to ensure that everything runs smoothly on moving day.

Step #3 – Signing Your Lease

Before you move into McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff or Topeka, first you’ll need to review and sign all the documentation of your leasing agreement. We try to keep the paperwork as simple as possible with an easy-to-understand breakdown of all fees, the services McCrite provides (medical or otherwise), and key dates relating to your move. It is all pretty basic information, however, your dedicated resident coordinator will walk you through the leasing paperwork step-by-step to make sure you understand everything.

Step #4 – Moving Day

Our teams make moving day easy. On the day of your move, they will work with the moving company to direct them onto campus, into the building and to your apartment. You can choose to be there to help with that process, or you can spend your time enjoying the grounds of McCrite Plaza while your new luxury apartment gets set up for you.

Step #5 – Final Checklist

Once all your furniture and belongings are moved into the apartment, a member of your new McCrite team will go over their final checklist to make sure everything is in order. It’s important to us that each resident feels comfortable and welcomed into the community, so don’t hesitate to ask your coordinator for whatever you might need. Once you are all settled in, you can finally enjoy all the benefits of being an official resident of McCrite Plaza.

Take a Tour of Luxury Senior Living at McCrite Plaza Today!

At McCrite Plaza, we redefine luxury senior living by offering our residents the highest quality of at-home care along with a comprehensive list of amenities including activities, restaurants, and themed group events. Retirement should feel like vacation, and at McCrite Plaza, we give our residents everything they could possibly need to feel relaxed and like they’re at home.

The best way to see what McCrite Plaza can do for you or your loved one is by visiting us in person. Simply go to our contact page and provide a little bit of information. A member of our team will reach out to you to set up your personal guided tour of McCrite Plaza. You will have an opportunity to meet our team, see our luxury apartments, and tour our beautiful grounds.

Take the first step towards luxury living today!