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The Ins & Outs of Senior Rehabilitation Services

What to Expect During Inpatient Rehab at McCrite Plaza

When you think of luxury senior living, you think of quality of life, comfort, care, and a community that is both welcoming and committed to enjoying all the finer points of retirement. Here at McCrite Plaza, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in senior living, including world-class cuisine, a wide range of activities and amenities – and yes – spacious luxury apartments that you’ll be proud to call home.

Many of our residents enjoy all the perks of independent living here at McCrite, which means they carry about their day as they wish with little to no assistance from the staff. For many of our residents, this is the ideal living situation because it allows them to do all the things that make them feel independent. Doing as much – or as little – as a person wants is part of what makes retirement fun and rewarding.

Of course, there are times when either temporary or continuing assistance is needed, and McCrite can provide as much or as little as required. Rehabilitation services are an essential part of the care that is available, both as inpatient or an outpatient.

What is rehabilitation? And what should I expect during it?

To understand rehabilitation, first, we must understand the road that leads up to it. Rehabilitation services are for individuals recovering from injury, illness, or surgery requiring additional measures beyond rest and medication. A few conditions that require rehabilitation services include stroke, major injury (broken bone, torn ACL, etc.), joint replacement, or acute illness. In the event of surgery, not only would you need to take the appropriate time to heal, but you’ll also need to take steps to regain your strength and mobility. That usually will involve exercise and a physical therapy regimen.

Most insurance companies include coverage for rehab services for seniors. Medicare provides a period of up to 100 days of inpatient rehabilitation after a three-day stay in the hospital. Medicare counts three midnights after admission. At the time of discharge, a physician would write an order for rehab services. Individuals can choose where to do their rehab care in a facility with skilled nursing and therapists for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Medicare pays fully for a period of time, then a co-pay is required which is often covered by a secondary policy.

Whatever injury or illness you’re recovering from, it is the responsibility of the rehabilitation specialist to get you back to as close to 100% as possible. In most cases, rehabilitation focuses primarily on physical recovery. However, at McCrite Plaza, we are going to focus on your emotional and general health as well. We have found that this better prepares patients to make the transition from rehabilitation back to their home life. The support staff is focused on both the physical and emotional needs of each rehabilitation patient. Whether you live independently in your own home or are a resident at McCrite Plaza, McCrite inpatient rehab is a great choice.

What is inpatient vs. outpatient rehabilitation?

When describing rehabilitation, you’ll often hear the terms “inpatient” and “outpatient.” Inpatient rehabilitation is usually reserved for those who have just come out of the hospital or have only recently started to recover from an injury or illness. And, as the name implies, you would temporarily be living in a skilled nursing facility where there is a very high level of personal attention. This is particularly important if going to your own home is not safe, or you do not have someone who can provide round-the-clock care. It also ensures that you have access to all medications and any specialized medical equipment you may need.

In many cases, outpatient rehabilitation follows inpatient rehabilitation. Once it has been determined that your condition has improved enough to move from an inpatient facility, you will be discharged with a detailed transition plan. Outpatient care ensures that all your physical needs are being met, however, the big difference is that you won’t have round-the-clock supervision. You will also get regular follow-up visits from your rehabilitation specialist so they can check on your progress and all your needs are being met.

In some cases, outpatient treatment alone may be adequate. However, depending on the age and physical condition of the individual, the opportunity to go to a rehab facility two or three times a week may be sufficient. For example, if you fell and broke your arm, the treating physician may write an order for outpatient rehabilitation. You might need a few hours a week with a professional therapist to regain your full range of motion. In addition, an occupational therapist can teach you to navigate your home with one arm until the injury heals. This type of rehabilitation works if you have plenty of support at home to meet your needs. In this scenario, there is no need for round-the-clock care in a skilled facility.

Living at McCrite allows you to use either type of rehabilitation. With a fully equipped rehabilitation facility on-site, there is no reason to leave the McCrite campus. If the best choice is inpatient services, a temporary move would be made to the rehab unit with state-of-the-art private rooms with HD television with cable, telephone, restaurant-style dining, and plenty of other amenities to enjoy while you are in recovery. Nothing is more difficult than bouncing back from an illness, injury, or surgery. Our goal is to make the experience as easy as possible so you can get back to full health and return to enjoying your retirement.

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