Why Would Living In A Senior Community Improve Your Sleep?

The CDC suggests several ways to improve your sleep quality. Here are some of their tips:

We read these typical suggestions everywhere. AARP printed a similar list in the monthly magazine lately. Almost all health-related magazines and news articles say the same thing, but…

What really keeps you awake at night?

Plenty of research indicates that many people suffer from worry that keeps them from restful sleep. For some reason, nighttime seems to magnify thoughts of insecurity and anxieties that we more easily deal with during daylight hours. 

This can happen at any age, but Seniors are particularly susceptible to worry in their older years. Some issues can be eliminated by living in a community where help and resources are available and close by. 

  • Having medical help close at hand for seniors is essential. There is no doubt the worry about being home alone in an emergency can cause severe anxiety. Even if you are equipped with a call button alert, you know it takes some time for help to arrive. When you live in a building where nursing staff are on duty 24/7, there is great comfort in knowing that help is around the corner. If you are in need of Assisted Living or Home Health, then living in a community will offer you some peace of mind. 
  • Financial stressors keep many seniors awake at night. When you choose to move into a Senior rental community, there are no longer worries about home maintenance. Your monthly bills are uniform, and there are no concerns about a roof leaking or a hot water tank going out. This type of financial planning can be managed by online bill pay and eliminates a great deal of personal bookkeeping. Whether you are in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Skilled Care, your monthly price will be determined beforehand for better planning. 
  • Feeling lonely can create depression and sleep loss for seniors. Being alone in your home can become a serious cause of mental distress. Loneliness is a leading origin of depression. Living in a Senior Community is a chance to develop new relationships. 
  • Lack of socialization can cause sleep deprivation for seniors. When seniors become sedentary, they may lose a daily rhythm that is important for a sleep cycle. Living in a Senior community helps keep people on a regular schedule of activity and exercise. When daily opportunities for music, hobbies, and outings are readily available, there is less time to be alone. There are always activities planned at every level of care, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing. 
  • Daily schedules that keep uniform activities help regulate the seniors awake and sleep time. Too many naps taken can then disrupt the nighttime sleep routine. Living in a community provides a natural rhythm of waking, eating, activity, and sleeping.   
  • Regular exercise is vital to seniors for good rest. When Seniors cannot participate in regular physical activity, they lose their sleep rhythm. Living in a Senior Community provides regular exercise opportunities that help with sleep. Wintertime is a particularly difficult time to get in enough daily exercise, but communities can offer access to workout facilities and other movement opportunities. Exercise is important even for those who are physically limited, and Senior Living communities make that a priority. 
  • Healthy diets for seniors are critical for good sleep. Many Seniors don’t eat healthy diets. Cooking for themselves becomes troublesome and time-consuming. It becomes easier to eat processed foods that are not healthy with the right vitamins and minerals for their bodies. A poor diet means poor sleep. This is something that is always a priority in Senior Living Communities – food is central to happy living.
  • Being a caregiver for a senior spouse can be overwhelming. There are so many anxieties associated with caring for another that it can be dangerous for the caregiver’s health. Many nights are sleepless when caring for another person. Having the support you need as a caregiver is lifesaving for both the person being cared for and the one doing the work. At times, when it becomes necessary, spouses may need different levels of care. One spouse might need Memory Care, and the other caregiver wants Independent Living. By being on the same campus, the independent spouse can spend all day with their partner and then sleep comfortably in their own apartment, knowing their spouse is well cared for. 

Sleep is essential for healthy aging.

Living in the right environment is important for getting good rest. Worrying is the worst sleep interrupter, so having peace of mind is critical. Feeling safe, secure, and well cared for goes a long way to providing good sleep.

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