What’s the Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

As individuals age, they often decide to transition to a senior living community that best suits their needs and lifestyle. Two popular options are Senior Independent Living and Assisted Living. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they represent distinct types of communities designed to cater to varying levels of independence and assistance for seniors.

Senior Independent Living In Kansas City and Topeka:

Senior Independent Living communities are tailored for active, self-sufficient seniors who desire a maintenance-free lifestyle. Residents in these communities typically live in private apartments or suites, enjoying a sense of autonomy and freedom. The primary focus of Senior Independent Living is on providing a vibrant environment for seniors to pursue their interests, hobbies, and social activities.

These communities have amenities such as fitness centers, libraries, recreational spaces, and organized social events. The goal is to create an atmosphere where seniors can maintain an independent and engaged lifestyle while leaving behind the burdens of home maintenance and household chores.


Residents in Senior Independent Living communities are generally in good health and do not require daily assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing, dressing, or medication management. Instead, the emphasis is on fostering a sense of community, offering optional services like housekeeping and meal plans, and providing a supportive environment that encourages social interaction.

Janice moved to McCrite Plaza a year after her husband passed away. She spent her last months in their family home, which became increasingly more difficult for her to manage. Even though her children were eager to help her, they did not live close by to help her with the small things like lawn work and changing overhead lightbulbs. Janice was healthy and active but also lonely. Their couple-friends became more distant. Her move to McCrite was an attempt to have more socialization close by, exercise facilities, and activities on a daily basis. She filled her new apartment with all her favorite things and immediately felt at home. She was delighted with her new neighbors with whom she had so much in common. Her family was delighted to have her in a safe and secure place where they could come for visits without a list of chores to do!”

Assisted Living For Seniors in Kansas City and Topeka:

On the other hand, Assisted Living is designed for seniors who may need help with daily activities but still value their independence. This level of care is a step beyond Senior Independent Living. It is suitable for individuals who may have difficulty managing certain aspects of their lives due to physical or cognitive challenges.


Residents in Assisted Living communities have access to a range of supportive services such as assistance with bathing, dressing, medication management, and meal preparation. The staff in these communities are trained to provide personalized care based on individual needs, ensuring that residents receive the help they require while maintaining as much independence as possible.

Assisted Living communities often feature apartment-style living, creating a home-like environment. Additionally, these communities offer organized activities and outings to promote socialization and engagement among residents. The focus is on striking a balance between providing necessary assistance and fostering a sense of community, enabling seniors to lead fulfilling lives.

The critical distinction between Senior Independent Living and Assisted Living lies in the level of support and assistance provided. Senior Independent Living caters to those who are active, independent, and require minimal assistance. At the same time, Assisted Living is geared toward individuals who may need help with specific daily tasks but still wish to maintain a level of autonomy. Choosing between these options depends on the unique needs and preferences of the senior in question, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and assessment when making this significant decision.

When contemplating a move into Senior Living, it requires some investigation to know exactly what you are looking for. At McCrite Plaza, with its full continuum of care, all levels of care are provided when and if conditions change. When a visit and tour are arranged, the staff can begin to guide the person inquiring to the correct level of care. 

When Sam first began to tour communities to find the right fit, his family thought he would need Assisted Living. He needed food preparation, housekeeping, and some medication setup. But when he visited McCrite Plaza, it became apparent that Sam really just needed Independent Living with the standard amenities like meals and weekly cleaning services provided with the addition of a Home Health Certified Medication Aide to set up his medications weekly. This not only gave him more independence but saved him significant money.”

Since some communities specialize in only one level of care, it is important to get a nonbiased assessment to determine if they may be underserved or oversold with benefits that are not appropriate. The beauty of a full continuum of care is that the proper level can be determined at the time of the move and changed later if necessary. 

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