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4 Ways Independent Living is Better Than Living on Your Own

Breaking Down Why Independent Living is Safer, More Convenient, and All-Around Better for Seniors

At a certain point, you start to ask yourself questions about if your current living situation matches up with the stage of the life that you’re in. Perhaps twenty or thirty years ago it made perfect sense for you to own a home. But now that the kids are grown up and all the tasks of home ownership are squarely on you, it’s possible that you feel differently now. If you’re wondering what your options are as far as retirement communities and active adult living are concerned, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at McCrite Plaza, we offer a senior living community unlike any other that provides both luxurious living spaces combined with a full spectrum of things to do and activities to participate in with other residents. If you’ve been searching for terms like “independent living near me,” allow us to break down the top four ways in which independent living is better than living on your own.

No More Home Maintenance

Here in the Midwest, we know a thing or two about weather. We get 100-degree humid days in the summer and sub-zero temperatures with snow and ice in the winter. For a homeowner, that means doing your landscaping in oppressive heat and clearing your driveway of snow in frigid, toe-numbing winter. That can be tough on someone who is over the age of 55 (or anyone, really). So, what if you never had to shovel a walkway or rake a leaf ever again? What if you never had to do any maintenance of any kind?

Sounds a little too good to be true, right? Fortunately, it isn’t. With independent living here at McCrite Plaza that’s exactly what our residents enjoy. Not only will you never have to do a single outdoor chore ever again, we also have a full maintenance and housekeeping crew that will take care of replacing lightbulbs, fixing appliances, and taking care of the light housekeeping. One of the best parts about independent living that McCrite residents enjoy is that not having to do household chores frees them up for the things that they really want to be doing. Rather than mowing your yard, you can be walking the trails, enjoying an outing with friends, or taking your favorite fitness class. At McCrite, we know time is valuable, which is why we want to give you as much of your day back as possible.

A Full Suite of Amenities

Another fun feature of retirement homes built within independent living communities is that they typically offer an extensive list of amenities for residents to enjoy. McCrite Plaza is no different in that respect. Here are just a few of our amenities that we offer:

  • 24-hour emergency call service
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Continental breakfast
  • Entertainment & leisure activities
  • Communal space for family gatherings and parties
  • Lifelong learning classes
  • On-site dining options
  • On-site movie theater
  • Concierge service

Here at McCrite Plaza, we offer all these and plenty more so that our residents have everything they could ever want or need conveniently located right on campus.

On-site Medical Care

Health should always be of the utmost concern, especially now during a pandemic when everyone needs to be taking additional precautions to protect themselves. Healthcare resources and how readily they’re available are always top-of-mind for those who are considering a move to a retirement community. Even if a person doesn’t have any immediate concerns regarding their health, planning for future needs is a wise decision. Or perhaps you and your loved one are at different points in your respective healthcare journeys.

Whatever the case may be, McCrite Plaza wants their residents to be safe. This is why we offer the full continuum of care to our community residents. In the event you ever have a healthcare issue, our diligent staff is readily available to be of assistance. We have some of the most highly trained medical professionals on staff that can treat a wide variety of medical issues.


The most challenging part of living alone is the loneliness, and one of the most important benefits that McCrite residents appreciate is our sense of community. The beauty of living at McCrite is that you’ll retain your privacy and independence by having your own luxurious living space while also adding countless friends. Like you, our residents have a zest for life and love spending their days engaging in activities. The McCrite Plaza team does an excellent job of catering to all interests, whether that be competitive sports, educational endeavors, or a friendly game of bridge. Although the amenities, luxury setting, and continuum of care is what we’re perhaps best known for, it’s our close-knit community of residents that holds us all together. When you move to McCrite, you’re not only getting a new residence, you’re gaining a family, too.

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As we’ve outlined here, independent living is pretty great at McCrite. If you’ve been searching terms like “senior living community near me” or “independent living near me” for yourself or a loved one, McCrite Plaza has everything you’ve been searching for in a community.

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