Considering Moving into a Senior Independent Living Community? Now is the Best Time to Take Action!

There is a saying that most coaches believe apply to veteran players considering retirement: “if you are thinking about retirement, the time has arrived to actually retire”. We can make a similar statement about senior luxury living communities, like McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff and McCrite Plaza Topeka. If you are considering making this move then the time to take the first step is now!

Now is the best time in nearly 14 years to get the best price for your current home.

The last few years’ home prices have increased more than they have in decades. However, we believe there are some historically fundamental reasons that this will be coming to a screeching halt. The result is that NOW is the time to sell at peak prices.
Home buyers under 40 have only known exceptionally low interest rates, strong economic conditions and rising home values, even during the pandemic. One of the great features of being a senior is the wisdom that comes from experience. We know that home prices along with market conditions are like an elevator, they go up but they also come down.
Remember what the oil embargo did to interest rates and house values in 1973? How about those times in 1979 when inflation caused the prime interest rate to hit 22%. A more recent example of housing value corrections came when we suffered the huge financial crash of 2008. We all saw the stories featured on TV of houses being sold at auction for 40%-50% of the pre-collapse value.
History has a way of repeating itself. In the last 6 weeks, the cost of an average home loan has gone up nearly 1.5%. Why? Just like in the early 80’s the Federal Reserve is now charged with the responsibility of getting the 8% inflation rate under control. That means you can expect multiple prime rate increases over the next year which will, consequently, raise the cost of borrowing on everything from consumer debt credit cards to interest rates on houses.
Every 1% interest rate increase on a $100,000 mortgage jumps the monthly loan payment by $70. This means someone has to bring home an additional $100 before taxes. This affects the loan amount one qualifies for thus impacting what they are willing to pay. When you add this to the average debt load of credit cards, student loans, medical expenses and just everyday living expenses for food and gas that are going up, it is obvious that the ability of buyers to pay more for a mortgage will cause the value of houses to cool off.
Do you think during the fight by President Reagan to control inflation there were no inspections, offers over asking price, and bidding wars? Now is the time to maximize what you can pocket by selling before inflation causes you to lose too much of your peak house value.
Why not sell at the top of the market? Make shoveling snow, cleaning gutters or climbing ladders to change light bulbs a thing of the past. Waiting even a few months could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars funding your retirement account.
Use that money to do all things you may have been afraid to do. Take a trip, buy something you have always wanted, dote on your grandchildren or just have the peace of mind that comes with a strong financial position. Relax knowing you are with friends and staff that truly care.

The lifestyle at McCrite Plaza Senior Living Communities can extend your life!

It is a well demonstrated fact that maintaining an active lifestyle combined with regular social interaction is key to a longer independent and healthy life. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee and a fresh pastry from our bakery on your private balcony in the morning or gather in a restaurant like setting with the new friends you have made, you have this option. The extent of your activities will only be limited by your willingness to participate. Select from cultural, educational or field trip selections provided by a complete social calendar.
Maintain your own religious affiliation options or join your friends at two different types of weekly services in our chapel. Afterwards, dine in our “restaurant” with daily specials to accompany all of your favorite menu items. You also have a beautiful complete kitchen in your spacious apartment.

Do I have to make huge cash deposits or commit to longterm obligations to get a luxury unit at a McCrite Community?

There are NO deposits, that could be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if you select a luxury independent living apartment in a McCrite community. There are NO long-term obligations that limit your flexibility to live the life style you want and deserve.
The McCrite family has always believed that they need to earn your trust EVERY month. Therefore, you have no long-term contract forcing you to remain if you’re not totally happy.

The best way to learn about McCrite Plaza Senior Living Communities is to visit it personally.

Call a McCrite family representative today. Set up a personal tour. See the community, the happiness of our residents reflected in their words and actions and get great answers to the questions most important to you. It will be one of the most important steps you can take.