A Day in The Life of Retirement Living

An imagined day at McCrite Plaza Retirement Community

When Seniors choose to transition into a retirement community, they’re opening a new chapter of their lives, one brimming with freedom and flexibility. Retirement living isn’t a phase of minimal activities but a period where you can dictate how to spend your days. A mere glance at the weekly calendar will reveal the vast array of activities on offer, empowering you to be as occupied as you desire. 

Research in the area of aging makes it clear that healthy aging includes activity and socialization.


Senior Living transcends mere medication management, safety, and meal preparation. Seniors aren’t left to feel isolated and forgotten. Community living is about remaining active and involved. To optimize these opportunities, the McCrite staff are unwavering in their dedication to ensuring every resident feels not just welcomed but actively engaged. This means if a resident has a passion for a book club, the staff will strive to make that a reality in their new home. Activities are tailored to the resident’s interests.

What’s wonderful is that all these activities and special events are just a few steps away. Stepping out of your apartment to join a card game or catch a movie is not only easy but also inviting and convenient. 

What would a typical day look like for a McCrite resident? We’ll call her ‘Lou Ann.’

When Lou Ann lived at home, she marked her calendar for doctor’s appointments, haircuts, and a monthly church circle. Of course, she needed transportation since she was no longer driving. She felt like she could not ask her daughter for more than the very basics. She relied on the church bus to pick her up on Sundays when the weather cooperated. 

But her world changed when she moved to her new apartment at McCrite Plaza. Her calendar was jam-packed.


Mon – Friday, she could always join her neighbors at Coffee Klatch. That gave her a reason to get up and dressed for the day.

Monday a movie was in the theater on at ten, and again at 4:00. She always checked to see if it was of interest and planned her schedule around that. 

Monday – Friday Seated Aerobics or exercise classes were offered, so she marked her calendar for three times per week.

Monday Noon An outing to a local restaurant was on her calendar.

Monday 2:00 The pool table was reserved for women only on Monday afternoon. Lou Ann was a pool shark, so that was always on the calendar. 

Monday 3:00 Nickle Bingo was very popular! 

Lou Ann liked to sneak in a little nap at some point, but that was hard to do. But she found she had much more energy than before moving in. 

Monday 6:30 was the weekly Bridge game or Cribbage (your choice).

Keep in mind this can be repeated every day!

Betty’s calendar was overflowing with fun.

There is really not enough time to include all the activities available. Having choices makes it that much more fun. Rest time, downtime, and quiet time are also important options. 

The daily activities calendar provided by staff includes:

  • Games
  • Storytelling and reminiscing 
  • Weekly grocery shopping trip
  • Armchair travel
  • Yoga
  • Farkle
  • Shuffleboard
  • Dominos
  • Corn hole

Special Occasion options to add to the calendar are plentiful.


  • Sunday morning church services were always important to Lou Ann. She no longer has to wait for the bus or even wear a coat and carry an umbrella. The church is in the McCrite Chapel, where she can gather with friends and neighbors. There is also a Catholic Mass for those of the Catholic faith. 
  • The monthly birthday parties are always a highlight. There is always cake and ice cream for everyone!
  • Weekly lunch outings are always a fun way to get out in the community. You can always put in a request for your favorite local restaurant. 
  • Musical events are scattered throughout the calendar. Whether a Big Band, popular vocalist, or High School choir, there is always something to look forward to. 
  • Every holiday is filled with excitement, including special dinners, fireworks display trips, outdoor concerts, and Candlelight dinners at Christmas time. Celebrating the Irish on St Patrick’s Day is a favorite at McCrite Plaza!

Lou Ann has a busy and full life

When her kids call her, they usually have to leave a message because she won’t be in her apartment. Boredom and loneliness are not a problem anymore. Everyone is delighted, especially Lou Ann!

Come for a tour and try a few activities – the door is always open! Ask us about our Social Club! 

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