What Retirement Community is Best in Topeka, KS?

Curious people want to know – what retirement community is best in Topeka.

Annually, the Topeka Capital-Journal sponsors the Best of Topeka contest for the community. It is an opportunity for people to weigh in with their opinions about all kinds of businesses. People can vote their favorite on everything from restaurants, car washes, physicians, or dog groomers. It’s just for fun, and the winner only gets recognition, not a physical prize, but the recognition is extremely valuable. 

McCrite Plaza has been among the top winners since the contest was initiated three decades ago!  


Being a “Best in Topeka for Senior Living” carries significant importance, particularly within the Senior Community and their families. Here’s why:

Quality of Life: It indicates that the Senior Living facility has been recognized for providing exceptional care, services, and amenities tailored to the needs and preferences of Seniors. This recognition suggests that residents can expect a high quality of life and a supportive environment.

Trust and Reputation: Achieving a top-three position reflects positively on the trust and reputation of the Senior Living facility within the local community. Families often rely on such awards and recognitions to make informed decisions about the best options for their loved ones.

Validation of Excellence: Being among the top three winners is a validation of the excellence and dedication of the staff and management of the Senior Living facility. It acknowledges its commitment to providing outstanding care and services to its residents.

Competitive Advantage: This recognition can provide a competitive advantage for the Senior Living facility, attracting more residents and families seeking high-quality Senior care options. It distinguishes the facility from others in the area and can lead to increased visibility and interest.

Peace of Mind: For families considering Senior Living options, knowing that a facility has been recognized as one of the best in the area can provide peace of mind and assurance that their loved ones will receive excellent care and support.


Reading reviews on a marketing website like Amazon gives you a person-to-person look. Likewise, these “Best of” contests give you the opinion of thousands of community members all at once. 

Just as you might read reviews on a sales website, this is a reliable measure of what the public thinks about an individual community. Yes, it is competitive but says a lot about public opinion.

Competition is good!

When you consistently see the same communities listed in the top tier, it means there is healthy competition in our community. All of these Senior Communities have to strive to be their best in order to stay relevant. For the Senior population, this is a very good thing. 

McCrite Plaza is extremely proud of the reputation they have developed over the years. As Pat McCrite always says, “If my name is on it, it will be the best!” The McCrite family owns and operates the community, and it is a reflection of their high standards and timeless energy. 

Of the approximately 30-plus Senior Communities in Topeka, McCrite’s standard is to be listed among the top three and most often number one every year! 


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