How Do You Shop For Senior Housing?

When you are ready to investigate retirement living, it’s essential to have a plan. Each person and situation is unique, so just going to live where your neighbor or friend did may not be the best choice for you. There are many options, and your personal situation will dictate what is the best choice. 

You might want to make a list of senior living communities that you are familiar with or have had personal recommendations for. Then, a Google search can bring up dozens of possibilities in your shopping area. Location is important. It is nice to be in a geographic area where you are familiar with merchants, medical teams, local news, etc. Obviously, it is nice to be close to family and friends so those relationships can continue to be supportive. 

Assisted and Independent Senior Housing in Kansas City and Topeka

Perhaps the first step is to eliminate those communities that are not in the right location for your convenience and that of your family. When you become educated on the services provided, you will eliminate those that don’t offer the level of care you’re looking for now or in the future. 

So much of your research can be done on the internet before you actually take the time to go and visit these communities. If you are not adept at using the internet, you can make a list of Senior communities to call and inquire about their services by phone. Consultants are always happy to educate you about their facility. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. If it is not a fit, it’s better to find out sooner than later. 

Mary called McCrite Plaza while she was living in another Independent Community. She had just learned that she would not be allowed to keep her apartment because she now needed daily assistance with medication and help getting to the dining room. When she moved there, she did not anticipate her future needs and did not understand that the community she chose could not provide additional services in-house. She told us that she should have learned more to begin with because she would have made the decision to move into a full continuum of care. She thought she had moved for the last time, but now she was faced with moving again. McCrite Plaza could commit to every level of care, no matter her changing needs.”

Some senior living companies specialize in a particular level of care.

After narrowing the list of possibilities, it’s time to make appointments for a tour and perhaps a lunch. It is important to view the property and, even more critically, meet some residents. Taking the time to visit and ask your questions is vital. You’ll want to take some notes so you can compare and contrast when you are back home.

Determining affordability is probably number one. However, it is crucial to understand what is included in the pricing and what things are added on. It’s very much like going to a restaurant and buying an entire meal or buying an entree with sides that are in addition to the cost of the main entree. You have to know what you’re getting and what you are paying for. Some communities are all-inclusive, and others are pay-per-service. Taking notes is essential!

Shopping for the right community can be fun. Take your time and schedule several viewings. Spread them over several weeks, so you have time to think carefully about each option. After you’ve narrowed your choice to one or two, go back for a second time to review all the essential details.

Ask for a copy of the lease so you can study it. You and your family or a trusted advisor can review the details and make sure you are comfortable. 

Jack and his wife Lois were shopping for the right retirement community when they called McCrite Plaza. Jack was the detail guy, and Lois was the feeling type. Although they had their own strategies, it was apparent they were very thorough in their search. Jack brought his briefcase with his spreadsheet to write down all the details, and Lois just wanted to visit with people. It was fun working with them, and Jack kept all the staff on their toes to provide answers to his questions. He wanted to know everything from emergency safety plans to meal schedules and menus! When they finally chose McCrite, everyone was thrilled, knowing that Jack would be a great ambassador for McCrite and take a leadership position with other residents.”  

In today’s world, Seniors have many choices in retirement living. Shopping for the right one can be an adventure. The important thing is to start early and enjoy the journey. This is a significant move; it takes time to do it right. Waiting until there is an emergency is a big mistake. More missteps happen when there is minimal time to make a decision. 

Starting to look around could easily be a year or more out from the actual move date. That also provides time to sell your current property and begin downsizing. Sometimes, there may be a waiting list, so the sooner you get on the list, the better. Turn it into an adventure!

The Robinsons and the McHenrys were dear friends from high school. They’d been neighbors for years. When they both began to have thoughts about downsizing to a Senior Community, they decided to do their research together. They both inquired about some of the same communities and attended events together.  They enjoyed learning about the communities and shared their ideas over many months. The Robinsons had some additional health needs that needed to be considered, so they ended up making their move to McCrite Plaza sooner. But the McHenrys had the opportunity to visit their friends for more than a year and then ended up choosing McCrite, too. 

Don’t put off your investigation. Make it an adventure. Call McCrite Plaza today and make an appointment to tour and have lunch. And remember that someday is not a day of the week! Get started today!

Call us in Briarcliff-Kansas City at (816) 888-7930 or (785) 267-2960 in Topeka, or complete the contact form to schedule a tour and see everything available to make life exciting for your future!

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