Senior Living Myths: Myth Number 5

Age Wave, a research and consulting company, surveyed the thoughts and perceptions of the 65+ population concerning various forms of Senior Care. Five myths prevailed among this age group. Age Wave discovered a dramatic difference between perception and fact. Age Wave pointed out that the misunderstanding and mythology surrounding Senior Care created so many misconceptions.

The five myths that prevailed among seniors were: 

  1. “My current home will be the best possible place to live in retirement                                      years.” 
  2. “I will stay more active if I stay in my own home.” 
  3. “It is less expensive for me to stay in my home.” 
  4. “I can easily get the care I need in my own home.” 
  5. “Retirement Communities are filled with old people who are sick and dying.”

Anyone that has worked in senior living can tell you that one of the most common questions asked by potential new residents is, “What is the average age of your residents?” Now the question is asked because most people don’t think they want to live around old people, even if they are old themselves. But age is just a number. It wouldn’t be difficult to calculate the answer, but it tells you nothing about the energy and attitude of the residents. There are many 60-year-olds that act like they are 90, and likewise, there are many 90-year-olds that act like they are 50! 

A favorite McCrite Plaza resident was Jack. He came to tour and have lunch when he was 93 years old. He loved everything about it. The dining room was full of happy people chatting over a delicious lunch. He loved the exercise room, the brightly lit apartments, and especially the game room with the pool table. So, when he went back to the office and was asked if he was ready to look at a contract, he winked and said, “I don’t think I’m old enough!” Well, after a good laugh, he made his decision and moved in. He lived many more years and remained the “youngest resident there”.

Age is a number that does not tell us anything about senior living in an exciting, exuberant community. 

The McCrite Plaza staff are charged with creating a fun and engaging atmosphere where life is full of enthusiasm. People who have this misconception think that life is over when you move to retirement living, and that is simply not true. For many people, their activity level increases, and they have more opportunities for engagement and social interaction. 

Retirement living looks nothing like it did in your grandmother’s day. Many older people picture small rooms with curtains down the middle and hospital beds. The long linoleum-covered hallways and nurses’ stations with overhead speakers and call lights. No wonder people are fearful of those memories. But McCrite Plaza looks nothing like that. Even our highest levels of care are beautiful and function more like home. 

Where you live does make a difference for seniors.

We have learned so much from the evolution of the hospice movement in the United States. One of those attitudes is to live life to its fullest as long as possible, knowing that death is the common experience of all living things. The real question is when will my passing occur and where will I be at that time. 

What better place to be than a loving compassionate community where you are surrounded by your family and caring staff? Staying in your own home may not provide that same comfort. With the cooperation of hospice care at McCrite Plaza, you have the best plan in place. 

Esther lived at McCrite Plaza for many years. She first moved into an Independent Apartment which she enjoyed for a long time. As her health declined, she eventually moved to Assisted Living and then Long-Term Care. With the help of Hospice Care, she planned her passing in every detail. She had a steady stream of family and friends in the last weeks. She wanted to have time to share her love with each of them. When the time came, she was surrounded by her family and her spiritual counselor, and the McCrite Plaza staff who had grown to love her.”

Yes, some people are ill, and people will die in a healthcare community, but the important thing is that they will have every opportunity to live fully in their later years. Being isolated at home may contribute to serious loneliness and depression. The myth that living in a community is a negative factor could not be further from the truth. 

The final years of life should be celebrated to the fullest. And living at McCrite Plaza is an environment where residents are respected and honored every day. Birthday parties and anniversaries are occasions for great parties. As Will Rogers said, “Eventually, you’ll stop lying about your age and start bragging about it!” We have so much to brag about at McCrite Plaza.

McCrite Plaza’s Commitment to Couples 

McCrite Plaza is family owned and operated, and they have purposely made the community couples-friendly. Because of this commitment, McCrite has become the home of many couples that have been married for years. It is especially important that when a spouse passes away that the remaining spouse is surrounded by friends and staff. Living in a community allows an easier transition. Living at home alone after a death can be devastating; being in a community is a great comfort.

Stan and Betty moved to McCrite Plaza when Betty could no longer care for Stan at home. They both were able to be involved in activities with other residents. They made wonderful friends and were out and about every day. Their last four years together were beautiful, and Betty maintained good health as she had help caring for Stan. When Stand did pass away, Betty was comforted by all her new friends and the staff. She remained at McCrite for several years and had the support she needed at McCrite Plaza. She stayed active and involved with all of her favorite activities.”

If you are a person that still thinks that retirement living is where old sick people go to die, you need to come for a visit and see what a wonderful life is available to senior citizens. This is not your grandmother’s nursing home! 

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