Why Being Part of a Community is Beneficial in the Winter

Four Reasons You’ll Appreciate McCrite Plaza’s Senior Living Community During Cold Weather

We all know what happens here in the Midwest towards the end of the year. That first frost hits, and then it’ll gradually get colder week by week. Everyone will break out their sweaters, scarves, and heavy coats, but eventually, it’ll get too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Even with the cold weather on the way, there’s still plenty of good weather left to enjoy with a ton of events and holidays to look forward to. That’s the beauty of a senior living community like McCrite Plaza. We not only make winter bearable – we make it enjoyable! Not all independent living communities and assisted living communities are created equal. When you’re searching for retirement communities near you, it’s important to inquire about all the different amenities, activities, and other benefits they’ll provide, especially when it gets cold outside. Here are a few perks you can look forward to when you’re a part of the McCrite community during the winter.

Outdoor Maintenance

We all know the main pain point of dealing with winter weather. Anytime a snowstorm comes through it means you have to put on your heavy winter clothes and boots on, and then get promptly to work on shoveling your walkway and driveway. Otherwise, you run the risk of it icing over into a dangerous skating rink. Well, not at McCrite. The great thing about our senior living community is our team takes care of all the outdoor maintenance for you. That means anytime there’s a snow or ice storm, they’ll be out there shoveling and salting the walkways while you sit comfortably indoors by the fireplace.

No Need to Brave the Roads

There is perhaps nothing more dangerous in the winter than driving on snowy or icy roads. Even a quick trip to the store can be treacherous if the roads aren’t plowed. Yet again, McCrite comes through for its residents. We ensure that you have everything that you could possibly need. Our kitchen is always fully stocked with delicious and nutritious food, and our on-site team and medical staff will always be at the ready to assist you with medications, healthcare concerns, games, activities – whatever you need.

Winter Activities Galore

One of the things that distinguishes McCrite Plaza from other senior living communities is that we really put in the work when it comes to creating an enjoyable and engaging list of winter activities for our residents. Not being able to go outside isn’t going to stop us from having the time of our lives. We do arts & crafts, holiday-themed decorating and baking, game night, indoor exercises to stay fit, and plenty of other creative activities to beat the cold weather. Being retired means doing as much or as little as you like. If you want to cozy up next to the fireplace with a good book and hot cup of cocoa, that’s fine, too. There’s no wrong way to spend your day here at McCrite.

A Senior Living Community Means You’ll Have Company

Perhaps the best part about living life here at McCrite is that you’re always surrounded by friends and neighbors. That means you’ll always have people around to socialize with and enjoy all the great indoor amenities. The holidays can be challenging for those that don’t have family or are unable to visit them, but here at McCrite, you’re always surrounded by family and people who care about you.

Come Take a Personal Guided Tour of McCrite Plaza!

Winter is an amazing time here at McCrite. It’s where our staff really gets to show off their creativity when it comes to activities and events that they plan for our residents. The best way to see what our community is all about is by stopping by and seeing it in person. McCrite Plaza is one of the few retirement communities that offer a full continuum of care, including independent living, assisted living and more – perfect for couples who are at different points in their healthcare journey. The best way to see McCrite is by taking a personal guided tour. You can contact McCrite Plaza Topeka or McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff using the contact form. Feel free to schedule a tour at either location so we can show you how McCrite makes winter enjoyable for residents.