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McCrite Senior Living Women's Basketball Team

Fall 2019 Newsletter

See what’s happening at McCrite Plaza Topeka! Hear more about the new basketball commercial, see what residents are thankful for this holiday season, and meet some dedicated McCrite Plaza employees.

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Group photo cheering

Spring 2019 Newsletter

See what’s happening at McCrite Plaza Topeka! From motorcycle riding to winning art awards, our residents continue to amaze everyone.

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Talking to your loved one about moving

The best time to make future plans is before you’re in the midst of a crisis. Open and honest conversations about what your loved one wants as they age can pave the way for easier transitions.

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McCrite Senior Living Baseball Team

Meet the baseball team

McCrite Plaza is dedicated to providing high quality rehabilitation services in a comfortable environment to ensure you return safe at home. Injuries can’t keep our players out for long. And with our skilled rehabilitation team on your side, we build your strength and get you back to normal in a comfortable environment.

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Resident Receives Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

Sam Hutchinson, a resident of McCrite Plaza Topeka, will participate in the Honor Flight Kansas-Student Edition from Central Heights High School that departs June 5th for Washington, D.C. Sam, an infantry Instructor stationed at Fort Riley, trained servicemen to fight in Korea during his service years beginning in 1952. After Sam was discharged as a Corporal he made his home with his wife and family in Topeka.

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